About Us

Getting to Know Us

Our mission is to provide resources, support the community and Small Business growth in Laporte county.

The LPSBC is a group of La Porte small businesses working in cooperation with the city of Laporte and LEAP.

We have two main goals.

  1. Disseminate information betweeen and among Laporte Small Business owners, the city of laporte and LEAP.
  2. Collaborating with other local small businesses on offers, resources, knowledge to add value to the city of Laporte and creating growth opportunities for small businesses.

As a group, we share our experiences with each other as small business owners, support all local businesses and make up a team that helps eash other with our collective wisdom and knowledge.

There is no cost to join LPSBC, and we encourage every small business to join and help us grow collectively together.

By joining the LPSBC if you decide to also join LEAP you will receive a $50 dollar discount off your yearly membership.

We hold monthly meetings, we have access to numerous resources.